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  Lough Lene  
The Lough Lene Angling Association was founded in 1958 by local anglers to protect and develope the fishing on the lake. Lough Lene is located in Co. Westmeath between the villages of Collinstown and Castlepollard.This gem of a lake is ideally suited for fishing with it's has large areas of shallows( Winter's Point & Madam's Island to name a few) and crystal clear water. There is a natural head of wild brown trout which is supplimented by the Angling Club with regular stocking of both brown and rainbow trout. The fishing is not easy but trout over 2lb are common.

The fishing season starts in March and trolling accounts for most of the trout caught. April tends to herald the start of the fly fishing. Pike can be fished for all year round and if you are persistent and lucky there are some fine 20lb+ fish to be had and if you are really lucky, perhaps a 30 pounder.

It is for it's fly fishing that Lough Lene is probably most famous. The season really kicks off with large hatches of Duckfly in April,( though some hardy fly fishers can be seen on the lake from the 1st March ).After the duckfly there are prolific hatches of olives giving rise to some exceptional buzzer fishing. During the day in July and August Mayfly can be seen hatching and as the sun sets the large sedges ( Green Peters & Murroughs) that Lough Lene is famous for begin to hatch. If you are in the right place an the right time you can have spectaculor flyfishing with fish of 5lbs not uncommon.

There is public access to the lake at "The Cut". Fishing permits and information on boat hire are available in the local Gala store in Collinstown.

Finally, to join our angling club, you don't have to be a good angler!, you don't have to be able to swim!, you don't even have to be good looking! but You must wear a life jacket at all times when on the water

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